Why Commercial Dog Food Will Kill Your Dog – What You Can Do About It And How You Can Halve Vet Bill

For all you dog, cat and even ferret lovers out there (I’m a dog lover) you really need to read this. If you want your dog to have a long, happy, healthy life I’m going to tell you something that will do just that and save you a lot of money in the process, so please read on.

As a dog owner and lover I’ve always wanted the best for both my dogs. I have two dogs a Great Dane cross Bull Mastiff called Hannibal and a Boxer called Ralphie. Both my dogs had a lot of problems with commercial dog food. Ralphie constantly had diarrhea and a lot of stomach upsets and Hannibal was always sluggish and looked depressed and he was only 11 months old.

I started going on dog forums and eventually came across a diet called the BARF diet. People were raving about how much better it was for them, and also how much cheaper it is.

What is BARF?

BARF stands for Bones And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, depending on which books you read. The basic principle is to feed a diet that the animals have evolved to eat, or to put it another way as nature intended.

Dogs & cats (and ferrets) survived for thousands of years without a pet food manufacturer in sight there are records of wolves living to in excess of 35 years of age! kaneles We all imagine dogs living pampered lives in modern civilized countries, but believe it or not they are also thriving in African villages, wild in Oz as Dingoes, still hunting prey in deserts, and so on and no, they don’t have yellow, filthy plaque-encrusted teeth or gingivitis.

Dogs and cats in the wild lived off whole carcasses including the internal organs, and the contents of the stomach which usually contains ground down, partially digested vegetation containing essential nutrients.

A BARF feeding diet is as close to nature as we can get with the right mix your pets will live a happier healthy life. We hope this information helps you on your way.

Why I started feeding my dog Barf

I would like to say I started feeding my dogs the BARF diet because of health reasons, which is very true, but having two big dogs or should I say one very big dog and a fairly big dog they ate so much, in the end I was paying about £80 ($158) a month feeding them commercial dog food. Now I pay between £20 and £30 ($39-$59) per month on BARF, a BIG difference!

Why I would never go back to commercial dog food

Since learning about the Barf diet and how good it is for them I was disgusted to find out how very bad commercial dog food is for a dog. I also couldn’t believe vets knowingly support these companies when they should know they are putting rubbish in their products. I mean they put diseased meat into dog food, they also put corn into dog food knowing full well that dogs find it hard to digest. They also put chemical preservatives into dog food knowing full well they can cause cancer, sweeteners which causes health problems and also food colouring that is also linked to health problems, plus so much more bad stuff. How many dogs do you hear about dying of cancer nowadays? A lot is the answer!

So lets go over that again. If you’re feeding your dog commercial dog food, there is a 99.99% chance that your dog will be eating diseased meat, corn, cancer causing chemical preservatives, sweeteners and food colouring which has been linked to bad health, no wonder dogs only live to 8-10 years of age nowadays. And vets know this, if they don’t perhaps they should consider another vocation?! Yet most vets still continue to support these companies who are only thinking about lining their greedy pockets, while you are unwittingly and slowly killing poor old Sammy or Patch!